Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amazing Kate at On Behalf Of - Another BESTeam Feature

Kate at On Behalf Of is amazing! She’s amazing because she cares so deeply for humanity that 90 percent of the proceeds from each item in her shop goes to provide clean water in developing countries, free captives from modern day slavers, care for orphans, or provide medical help to victims of HIV. The organizations she supports include Lahash International, Blood Water Mission, Not for Sale Campaign, John M. Perkins Foundation, Shaohannah's Hope and A Beautiful Idea.

“I love seeing the world with my own eyes,” says this resident of St. Louis, “and I'd rather live for others than live for myself. I believe our world system has enabled a small percent of us to live richly, lacking nothing, while the majority of beautiful people lack even the basic necessities in life.”

Although not a professional artist, Kate believes in using beauty to fight against the ugliness in our world. She believes in fighting back against injustice with acts of selfless love.  A truly inspiring yet humble individual, her shop represents the best of what art, life and Etsy are about!

“My heart and the aim of my life is to do what I can in fighting this injustice and helping those in my society to see that,” Kate says. “Now that I have seen, I am responsible… I'm a small girl, but I am pretty determined that not everything about me will be small.”

Amazing, Kate.

Here is one of the items offered on her site. This adorable image is entitled "Do You See Me?" an 8x10 print of an original painting.  Proceeds from this item go to provide care for orphans worldwide through Shaohannah's Hope.

This next colorful image is called "Clean Water Brings Life." This is an original 9x12 mixed canvas done with watercolor, acrylic, and paper. This piece illustrates the difference access to clean water makes. Proceeds go to Blood Water Mission.

Kate took this striking photograph named "Red Dress Altered Photo" at a church meeting in Morogoro, Tanzania. This church helps community members infected or affected by HIV and AIDs. Proceeds from this item go to Lahash International.

This poignantly beautiful work is an 8x10" print of an original mixed media canvas. The inscription reads, "Lespa Fe Viv," a Creole proverb meaning "Hope Makes One Live." Proceeds from this print go to World Vision's Haitian relief efforts through A Beautiful Idea.

Another beautiful , heart-rending image is this piece named Esperanza. This is an 8x10 print of a mixed media canvas. Esperanza is a Spanish word meaning "hope." Proceeds from this lovely piece go to the Not For Sale Campaign. Don't you want to hug her?

Beauty, compassion and charity are a heady mix in a business. On Behalf Of  is a remarkable shop run by a remarkable woman. Kate not only "talks the talk", she "walks the walk." Learn more about Kate, her mission and her scholarly pursuits on her blog at I'm inspired! I'm going to help her help others, and buy one of her items. How about you?

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