Friday, April 29, 2011

Video Tutorial - Even Peyote Stitch

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This is a great video on Even Peyote Stitch from rebartstudio I want to share today. Done with these larger beads you can really see the detail.

This is great for beginners and intermediate beaders!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meow! All About Cats Takes the Stage! - A BESTeam Feature

     PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! Everybody say YEAH!

     All you cool cat lovers rejoice, All About Cats is in the house! Run by Linda, cat lover extraordinaire, All About Cats offers the cutest catnip toys and cat-themed items any kitty (and his/her person) will love!
      A lifelong animal lover, Linda grew up on a small farm in the beautiful state of Vermont. Her mother was a true nature lover and passed that love on to her daughter. She also passed on her penchant for creativity, “I used to love to sit and watch her create things from a bunch of small parts,” Linda recalls.
      These days Linda shares her home with three cats she rescued Jerry, Maggie, and Brady. "My cats love helping me make things," she says. "Thank goodness for lint rollers!"
     Linda loves sewing and painting (she loves to paint on rocks).  And sewing is how she makes all these adorable toys and cat decorated items. Well made and colorful, Linda’s items will make yours a happy cat! Just take a look!

     Say "hello" to Marty The Blue Owl Organic Catnip Bell Cat Toy. Isn't he adorable? Marty is made from blue fleece and his eyes and nose are made from felt. He's filled with potent organic catnip, two bells encased in fleece, and fiberfill. He measures approximately 3" by 3".

      Here's an item made for your tabby's person the Cat Print Mini Wallet, Business Card Holder, Gift Card Holder. It's a cat print pouch perfect for credit cards, drivers license, and money. Slip it into your pocket for those times you don't want to carry a purse. Or use it as a business card holder, or give it as a gift with a gift card inside. This 100% cotton pouch has a Velcro closure, and is lined with interfacing.


     This is my favorite, Pearl The Purple Mouse Organic Catnip Cat Toy! She's made from light and dark purple fleece. Her eyes are felt and her whiskers are black thread. Polly is stuffed with potent organic catnip, two bells encased in fleece, and fiberfill. She measures about 2" in diameter and her tail is approximately 6" long.

     Another person piece! These Four Large Abstract Fabric Cat Magnets are stunning! All the cats have pink ears. The standing yellow cat has blue eyes and black, olive green and maroon circles on it's body and tail. The brown cat has yellow eyes and green and green and black stripes. The white cat has blue eyes and yellow, blue and black stripes. The sitting yellow cat  has green eyes and green and black stripes. made from 100% cotton with magnets covering the entire back.

     Another purr-fect item for the cat lover in your house. This Cat Print Rag Bag or Plastic Bag Holder is a cute and functional item that will keep your rags or bags organized and out of sight. It has elastic around the top and bottom to keep rags/bags tucked inside. Just hang it by the strap, insert items through the top, and pull items out from the bottom.

     Be sure to stop by Linda's shop and take something cuddly home! You can also visit her blog and make her day by leaving a comment. Or become a friend of Linda's and felines everywhere on Facebook. (Here Kitty! Where'd that darn cat go now?) :-)

   Oh by the way, if you like to blog and are on Etsy, come check out the BESTeam. We'd love to have you join us! Meow!

All the best!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Originals from Our Home to Yours - Another BESTeam Feature

     If you like original and one of a kind items, look no further than Our Home to Yours. It’s the place where you will find a most eclectic assortment of items from footwear and jewelry to home décor and linens. What these items all have in common is the mother/daughter team of Debbie and Amanda. When they create something, they almost never re-make it.
     You will never see a piece of jewelry from Our Home to Yours sold and re-listed. Debbi, a busy mom and foster-mom (yay!), doesn't draw a design first and rarely buys in bulk. She just piles her beads in front of her, and lets the jewelry design itself. She feels that “if you wanted to look like everyone else, you would be shopping at Walmart.”
     Amanda, a third generation artist, has a toddler, a degree in Graphic Design and a Fine Arts background. She handles the shop's graphic design and signage. Together, mother and daughter create unique treasures through stringing, crocheting, appliqués, paint and multi-media. All with a homey feel that speaks of the love in each and every creation. (Debbi's great at finding vintage treasures, too!)
     Just take a look at these handmade crochet blue flower flip flops! They are way too cute and just in time for summer!

      Here's my favorite! This bridal shadowbox is a custom order item and a lovely keepsake of your special day! Remember, June is Bridal Month!

      Now, here's a little piece of vintage! Debbi found this Jeanette Lombardi footed punch bowl. It's just right for your next graduation party or springtime soiree!

     This one is a Debbi original! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and it's shown off very nicely in this Handmade Indian-Style Necklace. Just perfect for Mother's Day!

      Here's a wonderful item just in time for the bride and groom in your future! This precious Butterfly Quilt Coverlet is full size with a box pleat skirt and lovingly hand-stitched around each butterfly and dragonfly.

     Thanks, Debbi and Amanda, for bringing your home to ours at Our Home to Yours! Be sure to join them on their lovely blog. Fan them on Facebook and tweet them on Twitter, too, won't you? I know they'll welcome your visit!

All the best!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the Wall with Off the Wall Expressions - A BESTeam Feature

     “To heck with sports teams, put my wedding on the wall!” And you can have exactly that from Tina and Mick at Off The Wall Expressions (OTW). OTW is a vinyl lettering and wall art design company run by a husband and wife design team specializing in high quality vinyl graphics. They do their own designs, production and local installation.

     OTW uses highest quality vinyl and pride themselves on great customer service.  (They are definitely a nice couple of people!) They absolutely love helping you to express your personality, you can see it in their work! These vinyl designs are quick and easy to apply, and transform any space into something special. They can be applied to any smooth surface such as walls, windows, wood, glass, refrigerators, plastic, bathtubs, picture frames, and more.

     I could talk and talk, but seeing is believing. Take a look.

     This is a decorator's dream, simple, beautiful –– yet bold. "Cherry Blossom Branch Tiles" are the perfect complement for this crimson sofa!

      Too cool for school! I just love this "Western Wedding Dance Floor Decal". Can't you just see the wedding party doing the "Achy Breaky" on it?

      Tin cans and old shoes, who needs 'em? Old junk compared to the stylish simplicity of this "Just Married Personalized Wedding Decal". Just perfect!

     What a wonderful way to welcome a new addition to the family! "This Large Family Tree with Blossoms" really embodies love and family pride. Makes me want to have another one (almost!)


     Speaking of kids, this "Boy with Dirt Definition" decal kinda speaks for itself!

     And being a bit of a cooking fanatic, I could not go without showing you this "Chalk Board Label Set." The best handy-dandy kitchen helper I've seen in a long time! I can use some of these!

     So, I want you to be sure to go by and say "hello" to to Tina and Mick at their Etsy shop. They've also got a great blog. So forget the football players, put your own theme on the wall with Off the Wall Creations!

All the best!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Knew?

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I love to travel and places like Victoria Falls really get my attention. The setting, the rainbows of light from the rushing water can inspire anyone. So here's a little inspiration and some great facts, too! Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moonangelnay: The Look of Inspiration - Another BESTeam Feature

     Moonangelnay is the Etsy home of inspired digital artist Naomi. Mused by the human form, philosophy, nature, free will and color, she has a variant abstract style as a fine artist that is echoed in her digital artwork.
     Passionate about her craft, Naomi attempts to bring contrasting duality into her work. At Moonangelnay, she highlights her interests in both light and dark and the veil between through form, color, mantra and poetry to make her work more than just physical art or home decor, but something to think about.
     Making her home in Birmingham, England, Naomi’s digital art is archival quality. Her nature-inspired work is truly creative and, sometimes, a bit startling. She has a subtle but very tangible way she combines, colors and textures while keeping within the context of the overall imagery. Her pieces will definitely make you take a second look.
    For example, here's one of my most favorite of her works, "Mandala No. 3." Notice how she uses macro nature shots to create the shape of the mandala. Definitely a spiritual work!

     Here we have a digitally enhanced image of mesh. Notice how the effect makes the elements seem to pass through one another like ghost images. This one is called "Mesh."

   Normally, I do not like spiders or images of spiders (goes back to my childhood), but I have to admit this arachnid does look rather peaceful in his natural surroundings in "Placid Arachnid." The peaceful feel here is enhanced by the subtle colorization in this work.

   However, I very much do like pretty flowers. Notice how the color of this single pansy leaps out at you, while the enhanced rainbow seems to give it a kiss of benediction. This beautiful image is called "Survivor."

     You can see more of Naomi's wonderful art at her Etsy shop. She also has a really great blog and you can be a fan of hers on Facebook. (She also crochets the cutest baby hats!)
      Be sure to stop by and get a dose of inspiration!

     All the best!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Make a Beaded Tangerine Cuff

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     I'm a self-taught beader and am constantly learning new techniques and patterns. So in my constant search for new stuff to make, I came across this bracelet tutorial just in time for spring and I thought I'd share. I found this one on


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Product Photography Made Simple (and Cheap!)

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    In my constant search for better pictures, I ran across this great little tutorial on This young man has shared some great tips for improving your product shots for your site! Check it out!


Friday, April 1, 2011

New From Designs by M'Ayanna

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     Well, I FINALLY put something new up on the site. I haven't done that since before Thanksgiving 2010! Yeah I know, if I took better pictures I'd have more stuff up. Nevertheless, I put a couple of pretties up that you might like.
     I like drama and a  little history in my jewelry so I went for the gusto! Here's my new Egyptian Cartouche Bracelet in black and gold.

     I put a lot of love into this particularly because of the beads. I've been looking for some good-looking cartouche beads and actually found them a little difficult to find. Finally, though, I found these ceramic babies. They're just about 1-1/4" long and I combined them with some gold seed beads, black tourmaline rounds and flat gold disk spacers to make this cool-looking bracelet.