Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moonangelnay: The Look of Inspiration - Another BESTeam Feature

     Moonangelnay is the Etsy home of inspired digital artist Naomi. Mused by the human form, philosophy, nature, free will and color, she has a variant abstract style as a fine artist that is echoed in her digital artwork.
     Passionate about her craft, Naomi attempts to bring contrasting duality into her work. At Moonangelnay, she highlights her interests in both light and dark and the veil between through form, color, mantra and poetry to make her work more than just physical art or home decor, but something to think about.
     Making her home in Birmingham, England, Naomi’s digital art is archival quality. Her nature-inspired work is truly creative and, sometimes, a bit startling. She has a subtle but very tangible way she combines, colors and textures while keeping within the context of the overall imagery. Her pieces will definitely make you take a second look.
    For example, here's one of my most favorite of her works, "Mandala No. 3." Notice how she uses macro nature shots to create the shape of the mandala. Definitely a spiritual work!

     Here we have a digitally enhanced image of mesh. Notice how the effect makes the elements seem to pass through one another like ghost images. This one is called "Mesh."

   Normally, I do not like spiders or images of spiders (goes back to my childhood), but I have to admit this arachnid does look rather peaceful in his natural surroundings in "Placid Arachnid." The peaceful feel here is enhanced by the subtle colorization in this work.

   However, I very much do like pretty flowers. Notice how the color of this single pansy leaps out at you, while the enhanced rainbow seems to give it a kiss of benediction. This beautiful image is called "Survivor."

     You can see more of Naomi's wonderful art at her Etsy shop. She also has a really great blog and you can be a fan of hers on Facebook. (She also crochets the cutest baby hats!)
      Be sure to stop by and get a dose of inspiration!

     All the best!


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