Monday, May 9, 2011

Coming Attraction! Coming Soon to Designs By M'Ayanna on Etsy!

My New Vintage line includes classic styles and classic techniques. One of those classic techniques is decoupage. I learned to do decoupage last year. i honestly though of it as something little old ladies did to keep busy. I never realized what a wonderful way it is to be creative when you are otherwise artfully challenged! So come meet my buddy "Chauncey."

 "Chauncey" is also a steam punk themed pendant done in wood. The artwork is from fellow Etsian LandofEnchantment and has been glued to a wooden domino. The image is embellished with a piece of the inner workings of an antique watch, a red rhinestone and a pale olive green rhinestone. It is covered in 20 coats of of decoupage medium and dipped twice in wood lacquer. The embellishments add a certain something to the dimensionality of the piece. Isn't he handsome?

Coming soon to Etsy!


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