Sunday, May 8, 2011

Preview: Up Next at Designs by M'Ayanna on Etsy

 It's been a Lo-o-o-ong time coming, but the new line is finally here!

Last fall I started a line called "New Vintage." It's my take on the vintage craze with some unique elements and mixed techniques, styles and colors. I found some fabulous raw brass filigree with fresh from the forge patinas and I used one to create this little number.

Okay, can you tell it's a Steam Punk style design? I'm calling these pendants "Pretty in (Steam) Punk." (I twisted up that bail myself, been working on my wire techniques, too! I know I'm supposed to be all artsy and stuff, but I'm having so much fun I'm bouncing in my seat!) It's a cold connected piece fabricated by yours truly! This raw brass pendant is composed of a beautiful 35mm filigree medallion, a 25mm 5-spoke brass gear wheel and a lovely amethyst-colored 5-petal Czech glass flower. It hangs on three lengths of silk embroidery ribbon. My daughter keeps looking at it with puppy dog eyes, so it's definitely got appeal!

Coming soon to Etsy!


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