Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Desert Sands on Mystic Wynd: A BESTeam Feature

     When you own a business, there’s nothing like having a grip on who your customers are “In my case, it was obvious,” says Mystic Wynd owner/operator, Karen, “everyone!” Indeed, Mystic Wynd sports a large and eclectic mix of handmade jewelry and gift items designed to appeal to just about everyone.
     An artist and poet Karen has one basic philosophy, "An awareness of peace and love rose anew, As the spirit found truth and the Mystic Wynd blew..." a line from a poem she wrote, Karen embraces the idea of being true to oneself and not worrying about the opinions of others.
     Currently based in Scottsdale, AZ, this transplanted Chicagoan’s creations “are designed in the hopes of igniting that special spark of uniqueness that lies within us all," she says. "Some things are elegant, some are fun, some are outlandish, some are colorful, some are calming - but the great thing is that I know there is someone out there who will recognize something that just makes them feel good about themselves!”
     Karen’s designs take in other factors besides style. She’s designed a number of necklaces with easy to close clasps and front closure that are fashionable and unique to meet the needs of customers who have trouble with clasps. She also creates earring designs that easily convert to non-pierced style. Rings at Mystic Wynd are either adjustable or can be created to size.
     Whether your style is simple or bold, classic or trendy, elegant or glitzy, Mystic Wynd has something for you at a price you can afford. And speaking of mystic, hear's one of my favorite stones, Botswana Agate, in Mystic Wynd's Gemstone Necklace Botswana Agate, Onyx, Mookaite - Earth Expressions. Did you know Botswana agate is said to bestow insight, wisdom and guidance to the wearer?


     Here's another lovely classic retro piece just right for evening. Karen created this stunning Black Czech Glass Necklace and Earrings Set - Ebony Brilliance with Black AB bicones and tiny gold seed beads.

     I'm a bit of a nut for purple so this purple floral piece really caught my eye. Purple Rose Necklace w Pearl, and Glass Beads - Reverie in Indigo is a lovely vintage style necklace with glass pearls and purple glass foil beads.

      Karen also maintains a dynamic blog so stop by and see what she has to share. Or become a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. Please be sure to see her shop on Etsy and check out her fabulous array of handcrafted goodies at prices you can afford!

     All the best!


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