Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salvaged History from Danizabeth: Another BESTeam Feature

     Danielle Elizabeth is a talented photographer with a vintage eye and a passion for the look of all things retro and nostalgic.  Her collection of photographs on Etsy at Danizabeth is an assemblage of images from yesteryear frozen in present day. Her pictures evoke beloved memories and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.
     As a young girl, Danielle would accompany her father to salvage yards to search for keys that had fallen out of the cars. The ultimate prize was if the keychain was still attached. “That small collection I accumulated is probably still at my parent's house, hidden away somewhere,” she says. “What remains with me is the love I have for these pieces of a past I wasn't around to live in.”
     A graphic designer by trade, Danielle still hungers for artistic expression in other mediums. She dabbled in painting and then began designing announcements and invitations, “but I started finding myself seeing this as more of an extension of work rather than an opportunity to be artistic in other mediums,” she recalls.
     But inspiration returned on another salvage yard trip with Dad. “I was anxious with anticipation,” she says, “and walked away with 330-some pictures that day. I had finally found it...I had the excitement I had been missing in my other artistic experimentations!” The rest, as they say, is history. The Danizabeth photo collection harks back to the days of the muscle car and beyond.
     Here we have one of her retro memory shots... anybody remember "fish tails?" This is an 8x10 matte print of an old pink and ivory classic Mercury called "Pink and Pearls." Can't you just see the "Pink Ladies" riding in this old classic?

     Below is one "Happy Car!" This one reminds me of Sundays when I was very little. Our family used to go riding through the fancy neighborhoods in my uncle's Olds, dreaming of owning one of those big houses one day.

       Do you remember those big, old tow trucks that would rescue snow-bound travelers no matter how bad the weather or how deeply you were stuck? Where did they all go? Well, here's one. This 8x10 matte print is part of her "Red Truck Series" featuring this Ford truck


       Talk about the nostalgia season, here's a snowy blast from the past called "Classic Car Christmas!" Perfect to decorate for the holiday season, this vintage image speaks of holidays of yesteryear!

     An artist with a lot of interests, you can visit with Danielle on her blog, become a fan of hers (and the Cubs) on Facebook and follow her on Twitter! Be sure to grab some memories at her shop!

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