Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun with Clay: Fluttering Flowers - A BESTeam Feature

    Do you really dig crazy clay doo-dads that sparkle with life and laughter? Do you enjoy surrounding yourself with handmade things that make you giggle or go “Oo-o-o?” Well, have I got the artist for you! Take peek at Fluttering Flowers and the amazing array of cute, colorful polymer clay items she has in stock.
     Fluttering Flowers became obsessed with clay early in life. “One summer when I was quite young, my grandmother visited and took me to a craft store,” recalls our artist. “While there she purchased these small squares of extremely hard clay called FIMO. Then we went home and she taught me how to make a basic candy cane. Wow! Magic!”
     But time passes, and this talented creature creator grew up and got married. “Life got busy and I stopped playing with clay,” she says. “A few years into marriage and my husband surprised me with all kinds of clay, tools, cutters, molds, glitter, etc. I was thrilled.”
     So once again she gets to play with clay and share the results with all of us. Fluttering Flowers boasts an impressive catalog of tiny, whimsical colorful sculptures. My favorite is this cute Rainbow Terrarium Set. I love plants and I can just see a miniature world of color peeking out between green leaves.

  And here's the cutest little octopus wrapped around a teeny tiny bottle. This Tiny Lavender Octopus needs a good home!

     These little Snail Earrings are just adorable! The colors are just right for spring!

     Oo-o-o yum, Kiwi Pie! Don't you want to take a big bite?


     And  for something just a little different, see yourself in this Small Mirror with Many Faces. Just awesome!

     You can catch all of Fluttering Flowers tiny masterpieces on her Etsy site. Also, visit her blog and learn about her life with pheasants, turkeys and a pool (you can see what inspires her!) And you can follow her on Twitter @PicassosTears.
      Enter the magical, whimsical world of Fluttering Flowers and you may never go home again!
      All the best!



Poe said...

This is such a great feature! Wow! Thanks so much! I love it!

our home to yours said...

wow, love that mirror with the faces. must be a new piece!
- ourhometoyours